Sarah Leniz, Reno, NV - Has Experienced the Benefits of the Mangosteen Fruit

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Mangosteen Testimonial Submitted for Allergies and Rhinitis by Sarah Leniz


Often times, I have wondered how people live with certain diseases, conditions and illness. We may look at someone who has had a limb amputated, or another person who is blind, and wonder, "How do they do it?"

Too often, we ourselves may suffer from conditions or diseases ourselves, but never ask this question because we've never known anything but.

From a very young age, I suffered from allergies, asthmas, sinusitis and rhinitis. Not to mention a host of other colds, ear infections and cases of bronchitis that would develop each year.

I had never known what it was like - TO BREATHE. I had been using an inhaler, getting allergies shots weekly, as well as downing prescription medications to help with my allergies for almost 10 years. While these treatments helped my symptoms, my condition(s) never "went away". And as I have grown older, I have become more aware of my health and have developed concerns about the chemicals I use each and every day.

In 2004, I was blessed to give birth to my first child. A little boy. Everyone told us, "You better get your sleep while you can!" and "Enjoy the time alone, you'll never get it again!" along with many other clich├ęs you hear when someone announces they're expecting. My husband and I loved being parents. The lack of sleep didn't bother me in the slightest. I was so overjoyed to be a mom, I would often sit up at night just to hear our son breathe and gaze at him while he peacefully slept.

What I wasn't prepared for was the colds, the runny noses, the ear infections and the constant battle to keep our family well. Not only was it a shock how many bugs our little prince would pick up from daycare, but it was an even bigger shock when he shared these germs with my husband and me.

If it wasn't a cough, it was runny nose. If it wasn't a runny nose, it was goopy eyes. And some times it was all of the above plus a raging fever!

We rode this roller coaster of sick - healthy - sick - healthy for more than two years. Then in the spring of 2006 we were again blessed with the birth of our 2nd child, a daughter. Just as our 2 year old began to really develop an immune system and we'd get a few weeks between the sniffles and sneezes, here came baby number two and the pattern would once again start over.

In October of 2006, I had been battling the usual sinus infection, drainage, cough junk I came down with every year about this time. Finally I gave in and went to the doctor. I had the stomach flu, double ear infection and sinus infection. I felt awful. As I drove myself to the pharmacy with lofty dreams of going home and getting some sleep, daycare called. You may ask what could be worse than the stomach flu, double ear infection and a sinus infection - trying to take care of a 6 month old baby with the stomach flu and an upper respiratory infection. And how can that be worse? Having your two year old come down with the same junk.

It was a nightmare. An ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE! And amidst all this, I was worried about missing work, having my pay docked (I used all my sick and vacation leave for my maternity leave), and wondering, "How are we ever going to get through this?"

On the fourth day of our "quarantine" at home, my best-friend, Tanya, called to tell me about a new supplement she had found. She wanted me to listen for ten minutes so I did. At the end of her enthusiastic tale, she told me she was on her way over with 2 bottles and wanted us to start taking this juice as she was sure it would help change our lives.

At the time, any hope of a normal life sounded promising. Little did I know something as simple as a juice would changes our lives forever.

I began taking the mangosteen juice immediately. Since that time, I haven't used my inhaler, had to get my allergy shots, and I have been able to drastically cut back on my prescription and over the counter allergy medications. I have noticed a significant increase in my energy levels and less soreness, aches and pains than before. I even felt the tickle of a sore throat coming on once or twice and was amazed when I doubled up on my mangosteen shots, it went away!

My family has started taking the mangosteen juice also. I have noticed our kids have fewer colds, runny noses and coughs. At the first sign of any sniffles I double their doses and help boost their immune system naturally. It makes them feel better plus it gives me piece of mind I am giving them a natural alternative to prescription & over the counter medications. Even my husband has noticed the energizing effects of this amazing juice.

After seeing the results myself, I wanted to know more. I began researching the mangosteen fruit and wanted to know anything and everything about it. I started with the pamphlets and printed information Tanya provided me with, and then expanded to the internet. I was amazed to discover everything this product had to offer.

I can't express my gratitude enough for the mangosteen juice and for the opportunity for healthier, happier lives. Mangosteen has provided us with a way to boost our immune systems, help prevent cancer and other life threatening diseases, as well as offer us with an even brighter future filled with financial freedom.

I urge you and everyone who reads this to try this product. Read the materials available, try the juice and see if it's right for you and your family. This may be your answer to a healthier life and financial freedom.

Sarah Leniz
Reno, NV

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