How Mangosteen Effects Fibromyalgia and the Benefits

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Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by fatigue, widespread pain in your muscles, ligaments and tendons, and multiple tender points — places on your body where slight pressure causes pain. Previously, the condition was known by other names such as fibrositis, chronic muscle pain syndrome, psychogenic rheumatism and tension myalgias.

The Mangosteen Effect:

It is not clear the reason's Fibromyalgia causes pain, fatigue and mood swings. Today's medicine does not have a test to prove positive or not that someone has Fibromyalgia. The diagnosis is typically a very long process that involves negative results for almost every other pain, fatigue and mood altering illness.

Once someone is diagnosed with Fibromyalgia there are a number of things they can do to get relief from that many debilitating symptoms.

  • Diet
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Acupuncture
  • Supplementation

The reason the Mangosteen fruit helps Fibromyalgia is relatively unknown because of the mystery of the disease in general. But many believe that the anti-inflammatory nature of the mangosteen fruit is the primary reason that most users of mangosteen products feel a vast array of relief.

This is one ailment that the testimonials really do speak volumes about the mangosteen effect of Fibromyalgia.


Testimonials for Fibromyalgia


My name is Heidi Catlett and I am writing this story to discuss my experience with Mangosteen Juice. This story is not fiction and I am telling it with 100% conviction. This is for the good of every other person that is suffering, as I was just 3 months ago. I will start with a little background and medical history, and I hope you will find this story inspirational and take the steps needed to find a better and healthier life. My life is now richer then ever, because I did.

Early 1998

I was diagnosed 8 years ago with fibromyalgia, and at this time the disease was not well known and many medical doctors did not even believe that it existed. Because of this, I convinced myself there was no way I could possibly have this disease. I was only 22. There must have been a mistake. I continued to see doctor after doctor, searching for a reason for my constant pain and fatigue. I was tested for multiple different problems including arthritis, MS, a few different bone disorders and a few others that I can't recall. I have been hospitalized over 25 times for different problems. I received CAT scans, MRI's, Spinal Taps, and what felt like gallons of blood work. I seen over 50 different doctors and specialists over the next 5 years, and every test and every doctor came back with the same result, negative.

During those 5 years I was unable to do many of the things that a person in her early 20's should be able to do. Including play sports, visit socially with friends, or even hold a job. Every single aspect of life required extreme effort and acceptance of pain. I was always tired and always sick.

Summer of 2002

In 2002 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia again. I was 27 years old and there was far more research on this disease available, so I began to research methods to help relieve my suffering. I began taking pain medicines for the pain, prescription anti depressants for sleep, and multi vitamins for the fatigue. I went to gyms and tried to build muscles in the areas that hurt, but I could not keep on a regular routine due to the pain and fatigue. I eventually quit going to the gym and left the disease in the hands of the medications and my doctor. Over the next 4 years I started to feel very dependant on my medications. At one point I was on 8 different prescription medications and 3 over the counter drugs for pain and sleep. Even with these medications, I could not sleep at night. I would wake up 2 to 4 times a night and lay and stare at the ceiling. On the occasion when I would get a full night sleep I needed help getting out of bed in morning, because of the amount of pain and stiffness in my back. There were some days that I would wake up and could not move at all. I would lie in bed screaming in pain. Some days the pain would subside to a point I could get a few things done and other days I would be in bed all day fighting the pain.Everyday I got worse and worse, I began to worry that I would be in a wheelchair by age 30. The toll of my disease began to wear on my emotions and those around me that I loved.

Current Day

I am now 29 years old and have 2 children, Dylan 7 and Sadie 12. My two children were so used to me being sick everyday or not being able to walk, that they would come into my room and ask if they could get me anything. I began to have mood swings and would easily lose my patience with my kids and my husband. I was worried that I would push my family away, so one day I sat my family down and explained to them that I was sick and when I yelled or lost my temper it was not their fault and that I still loved them. The pain I saw in there eyes and their caring love nearly broke my heart. I felt so horrible that my kids had to take care of me at such a young age, I couldn't even take them for a walk or to the park, because I was either too tired or in too much pain.

I became so depressed because of the life I was missing and would never get back. Most days I would lie in bed and cry. I started slowly getting worse everyday. I had more pains and more fatigue until I was hospitalized again. At the start of 2006 I was taking 2000 mg of viccodin, 2400 mg of ibuprofen and sleeping meds every single day! I was getting worried that I was going to get hooked on the meds and did not want to become addicted on top of everything else. So I would attempt getting through the day without pain killers, but I couldn't do it.

March 2006 - Mangosteen Juice

In November of 2005 we received a call from my brother-in-law in Nebraska and he was talking about a new product on the market that was doing wonders for people with all sorts of aliments and problems. I thought he was crazy. How could a fruit juice help? I was talking medical prescriptions meant to cure diseases and seeing doctors with years of schooling and experience. There was no way that a simple fruit juice could do anything at all. After three weeks of calls and research I decided to try the Mangosteen Juice.

One week later I received two bottle of Mangosteen Juice to drink and sample. During these two weeks I noticed a slight increase in energy, but nothing that made me say "WOW, This is the answer!"

The Miracle

During the next few weeks my husband convinced me to give Mangosteen Juice a longer trial, so we signed up for a monthly auto ship of 1 case. On Feb 18th, 2006 we received our first case of Mangosteen Juice and I began to drink 3 OZ in the morning and 3 OZ in the evening every day. Within a week I had more energy, within a month 1 was able to get out of bed everyday (WITHOUT HELP!), and started to live my life again. Within 2 months I was off ALL of my medicine! I was in disbelief. I could not believe that this great tasting juice was working. I was amazed, I didn't have back pain, or leg pain, and I was going for walks. I have been able to take my kids to the park. I have started working out and losing the weight that I gained while on all the meds. Now, when my friends and family see me now they are in disbelief at how great I look and how much energy that I have. I will be 30 next month and feel better than I have in 10 years.

I can't even express how I feel about the Mangosteen Juice and the positive changes it has had on my life. I wake up everyday with renewed hope that I will live a full and happy life. Mangosteen Juice has changed my life and the life of my family. I would encourage anyone that has doubts about this amazing drink to try it. Give it a fair shot and maybe it will change your life too.

Heidi Catlett
Arvada, CO


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease three years ago. Prior to that the only health problem that I had was migraine headaches. In the fall of 2001, my condition became much worse. I was unable to sleep more than an hour at a time and was up and down all night. I awoke each morning extremely stiff throughout my complete body. I would run hot water over my hands until I was able to actually turn the shower on to take a hot shower massage or take a hot bath. I tried everything that I could think of and anything that anyone suggested.

Finally in Oct, my doctors put me on disability from work because I could not stand up straight or walk without holding onto a wall or rail. Additional medicines were added. I was now taking 13 medicines and not getting very much relief. I was taking anti-inflammatories, 2 different anti-depressants, medicine for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, muscle relaxants, 3 different pain medications, medicine to put and keep me asleep at night and 2 different inhalers for the COPD plus migraine medicines and finally medicine to overcome the stomach problems all the other medications had caused.

I thought my life, as I had always known it was over. I decided that I had to find a way to "become" myself again. Then afriend of mine sent me a bottle of mangosteen juice. After 1 month on mangosteen juice, I'm no longer taking any prescribed medication. I am pain free, my depression is gone. I sleep all night every night instead of fighting to fall asleep and waking constantly all night and I have so much energy!

Atlanta, GA.


I signed up the end of November 2005 to be a Distributor and started on the juice around the 1st of December. I was very anxious to see if this product would help me. I am on full social security disability at age 52. I have Osteo Arthritis of the knees and hips and Fibromyalgia. I took extra strength Tylenol every day and first started out on Ultracet prescription pain pills until they did nothing for me anymore. We then went to 10 weeks of Hyalgen injections in both knees with no success and then Arthroscopy surgery on one knee. They don’t want to replace knees when you’re under 60 no matter how much pain you’re in. Winter time is worse with the cold weather and I’ve had to use a cane to help me around when I’m so stiff I can hardly get around. I then went through another round of knee injections last summer right before we went on vacation and this time they helped but the pain never went away, it just made it easier because I wasn’t so stiff… I was on Celebrex 200mg twice a day, Vicodin as needed which was pretty often and Zanaflex which is a muscle relaxer. I also have other health issues. I have Barrettes Esophagus which can become cancerous and I take Prevacid for that. I have Cervical Dystonia in my neck caused by twenty years of neck movement caused by Tourettes… I go to KU every three months and have Botox injections into my neck muscles. (Anywhere from 6-15 at a time)

Well, here is the good news. I was a little skeptical, but after about 60 days of taking 6oz of juice a day (broken up 3 oz at a time) I am off my Celebrex completely and haven’t taken any prescription pain pills since Christmas and very few Tylenol. I forgot to mention I have suffered from Migraines for 15 years and haven’t had a bad headache since I’ve been on the juice. I also take Lipitor for High Cholesterol.

My goal is to be off my Prevacid and Lipitor within the next several months. I now take 2oz every morning and 2oz mid afternoon. My husband is taking it for his back pain and my daughter who is 14 years old and a cheerleader is taking it and it is helping her with her aches and pains of cheering and tumbling. Our family is committed to mangosteen juice and I don’t think I will ever be without it. I have truly been blessed by mangosteen juice.

Beth Reeder
Platte City, Missouri


I am a forty-five year old women who was in excellent health. I was never sick and never took medicine for anything.

All of a sudden I started with these awful aches and pains in my back, legs, stomach, shoulders, elbows, ankles, and my neck. I went to doctors everywhere, I was convinced I had cancer all over my body, I was buckled in pain everynight and cried myself to sleep. I went to the hospital, went to numerous doctors and ended up in an arthritis doctor. The doctor knew immediately that I had fibromyalgia. She suggested pain medicine, and to go to some type of stress relief class or join a gym. I took a yoga class, let me tell you it was one of the most painful experiences I had. I couldn't imagine ever going there again. I joined the gym, went for massages, went to chiroprator, went to massage therapy, joined an aqua class, did everything because I though I am too young to be old. After spending over $250.00 a month in co-pays for all the therapy, and doctor appointments and prescriptions for pain, I decided I needed to find another way to cope with this problem.

My neighbor noticed me crippled why I was walking in the driveway - she asked if I was feeling okay. I explained that I was in so much pain, and so upset with this crippling problem. It was preventing me from working, preventing from having a normal life, almost put me in a depression... She explained how her husband had cancer, and started drinking this juice, by the time they were ready to operate on him, the cancer tumor was gone. Doctors couldn't explain why it disappeared and she was completely convinced it was the juice.

I started drinking the Mangosteen and can't believe what a difference it has on me. I am flexible, alert, alive, I more energy than my children and feel so good. I don't have a pain in my body. I am walking tall again, I am working again and just can't believe the difference. I take 2 ounces with each meal. I referred the juice to some of my friends and all of them have success stories, some including cancer, and colitis.

I am a firm believer on this juice and I am completely spreading the word to everyone I know. Keep up the great work!!!



I am 51 and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years ago but suffered from this chronic pain for years prior before being diagnosed. I used to take 800mg of Ibuprofen several times a week just to function. I got on the mangosteen juice and after 45 days my symptoms were 95% better and after 3 months they are gone! No pain! I take 2 ounces three times a day. I was without the juice for about 4 days and the pain returned! I will never be without this juice again! There is nothing in our family medicine cabinet any longer except bandaids! Drugs are history! I can't say enough how this juice has helped my family.

Paula Gervais
Cape Coral, Florida

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