How Mangosteen Effects Cancer and the Benefits

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10's of millions of cells divide every minute in the human body. These cells normally have a maturity level and will stop growing/dividing when they reach that maturity level. When a cells DNA has been altered strange behavior begins to occur.

This DNA mutation is the root cause of all cancer. The DNA controls the recipe of cells and also the instructions the cell needs to reproduce correctly and not cause harm to the body. When the cell's DNA is altered the cells begin to go "haywire" and they do not stop reproducing when they reach their maturity level. It's not that they reproduce or divide faster they just never stop reproducing. The only way to stop the spread of cancer once a mutation has occurred is to kill the mutated cells.

Mutation of cellular DNA is not a natural occurrence. There must be an outside factor that causes the mutation. Typically this mutation is caused by Free Radical damage to the cell. If you want to reduce your risk of cancer you need to cut down on Free Radicals in your body.

Free Radicals enter the body through many different routes. Below are just a few of the things the increase the amount of Free Radicals in our system.

  • Breathing
  • Air Pollution
  • Exercise
  • Computer Monitors and TV's
  • X-Ray and Radiation
  • Smoking and Second Hand Smoke
  • Exposure to the Sun
  • Tap Water
  • Alcohol
  • Chemotherapy
  • And many more

As you can see by the above list it is impossible to get rid of free radicals, so we are left with one alternative to combating them, Antioxidants!


The Mangosteen Effect:

The Xanthones in the Mangosteen Fruit pericarp are the most abundant source of Antioxidants in nature. Currently there are over 40 known Xanthones in the mangosteen fruit. These Xanthones work as super powered Antioxidants. One single Xanthone has the ability to neutralize multiple Free Radicals making them harmless to the body and stopping the chain reaction Free Radicals create.

In addition to Free Radical neutralization the Xanthones have other anti cancer properties including anti-inflammatory properties and some xanthones have even killed cancer cells in laboratory tests.

I encourage anyone that already has cancer is fighting for a cure or some relief to take a look at the following PDF document. There some amazing results from real people just like you.

21 Day Challenge


Testimonials for Cancer


My mother is headstrong on anything. You cant tell her the time of day without an argument, which is exactly what I got when I introduced her to Mangosteen Juice.

She is 65 years old and has childhood asthma, sinus issues, and she had a tumor in the roof of her mouth about the size of a dime. The tumor was checked out 5 years ago and was determined not to be cancer. When I finally got her to use Mangosteen Juice on a regular basis (3 oz's per day) she relized results within 3 weeks. Her sinuses cleared up. Her breathing was better. The most amazing thing she relized is the tumor in her mouth was shrinking. As of today it has disappeared.

The big test was cancer. She went to the VA hospital in September of 05'. It was determined she had a growth in her left lung that was cancer, the doctors took it out. The surgery wiped her out to the point that she could not recover fast enough to recieve chemotherapy or radiation. If you go to far past the time of the surgery, chemo is useless. She was sinking after 4 months, still in the hospital. At that point I basically forced her to start taking Mangosteen Juice again.

We made her do 3 ounces a day regardless of how much she did not want to. With in a month she did a huge turnaround. A month after that she was released.

The doctor, needless to say, was very suprised of her recovery and even remarked about it. She is still using Mangosteen Juice to this day and is getting better and the point she is off of her oxygen and is driving again. I attribute this to Mangosteen Juice.

The information that brought me to the point of using this for her is a study done in 2002, called French's study. Scientist in Taiwan identified a Xanthone in the Mangosteen fruit called the Garcinone E Xanthone. They ran this Xanthone against 5 of the leading chemotherapy treatments on the market, and it out preformed all of them. I cant give proof that this is what brought her around, but I can say that she is a believer and so am I.

Mark Tracy
Grand Island, Nebraska

One of the drugs I took as part of my chemotherapy treatment after breast cancer was Taxotere. The Toxotere attacked by bones and and muscles. Even three months after the last chemo I was still suffering. I came upon mangosteen juice and started taking it 2 - 3 times a day. Within one week I had almost no pain. After 3 weeks I was back to the normal me. I stopped the juice for a week opting to try the tablets however I started to feel terrible after just 5 days. I am back on Mangosteen juice now taking it twice a day (30ml) and feel wonderful. I will never stop it. I have so much energy and am pain free.
Kath Mitchell
Perth, Western Australia


Life has a way of changing itself at a moments notice. Just when you think everything is, "normal", life throws you a curve ball. That's exactly what happened to me this past summer. In May of 2006 life threw me a major curve ball.

I have a great life including a wonderful family, great kids and terrific job. I'd always thought of myself as being pretty healthy. Then I was diagnosed with a characinoid tumor. The tumor was found inside my appendix. Shortly after my diagnosis, I was advised the tumor could have possibly spread to my colon, lymph nodes and intestines. I didn't really understand everything I was being told. The one thing that stood out was the "C" word - CANCER. I was scared. I thought, "I'm too young to be diagnosed with this. I have a 2 year old son I need to raise. I have a great dental hygiene career I enjoy. My life isn't meant to have curve balls!"

The curve took another turn. My surgeon told me I had to have more surgery and have part of my colon, small intestines and lymph nodes removed to be biopsied. I would also have to see an oncologist. That's when I began my mission to improve my health and promote rapid healing.

Being a health care professional, I was determined to find a natural alternative to prescription drugs and traditional medicine. I searched online for natural antioxidants and treatments for cancer. Many sites provided information regarding antioxidants contained in cranberries, carrots and many types of berries. But one of the results caught my attention; MANGOSTEEN. I had never heard of this fruit before, but the information stated it contained the highest amount of antioxidants of any fruit. It had over 40 xanthones in the rind of the fruit. It also helped the body combat cancer and many other diseases by fighting off the free radicals in the body which breakdown our systems. Imagine, a natural way to build our immune system allowing us to fight chronic conditions and diseases, like cancer. I thought, "This is definitely for me, where do I find it?"

Ironically that's when my father brought home a brochure entitled, "Mangosteen and Cancer". He wanted me to read about this new juice made from the mangosteen fruit. After reading the pamphlet, I immediately wanted to try it. We bought bottles for me and my family and I've been sold ever since. I even became a distributor. This supplement has not only helped me, but it's also helped my friends and family as well. My 2 year old son's health has drastically improved. He was diagnosed with asthma as an infant. Prior to taking the mangosteen juice, he was sick on a weekly basis. Now he is healthier, happier and can breathe more easily. My 17 year old step daughter previously suffered from eczema and migraine headaches. Not only has her skin has shown a remarkable improvement since starting to use the mangosteen juice, but she has also seen a significant decrease in the number and severity of her migraines. Even my parents' arthritis is better. And the list goes on and on.

I can't say enough good things about the mangosteen juice. This is why I introduced it to Sarah, my best-friend. I wanted her to know this natural supplement was available and could change her life too.

Sarah too was intrigued by the supplement and the opportunity it offered for a healthier life. After conducting her own research and experiencing the effects of the mangosteen juice, Sarah approached me about purchasing a website:

I jumped at the opportunity. What a fantastic way to inform everyone about this amazing product and share our experiences.

We want everyone to feel comfortable in contacting us, so we can give you the facts, answer any of your questions and most of all, explain more about the many opportunities with mangosteen juice. We guarantee you will get truthful, accurate information regarding mangosteen juice, mangosteen, xanthones and the opportunities mangosteen juice presents. We will not make you feel uncomfortable or pressure you in anyway.
Don't cheat yourself or your family of this opportunity! Fill out the form below and we will contact you personally and YOU can make the decision if mangosteen juice is the opportunity that will change your life like it has changed ours.

Tanya Lindley

I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in February of 06. It was a tumor that consumed 80% of the rectal space. I had always used natural products when anything was wrong so I wanted to find something to believe in concerning this cancer. The doctors in Chattanooga told me I would be dead by August if I didnt start chemo and radiation right away. I refused and put the word out to find something natural. A friend told me about the mangosteen's power to possibly shrink tumors. I started investigating. I saw a brochure written by Dr. Amod Tootla. My wife recognized him right away from living in Michigan where he practices. I called him and when he spoke with me he recommended the 21 day cancer challange. I started right away. At the end of that time I had the tumor remeasured and it had not shrunk enough. I started chemo and radiation for the recommended 5 week treatment. I never experienced one single side effect to either one of those treatments! Dr. Tootla said that that was due to participating it the 21 day chalange juice. It built up my immunity to fight against the poison (chemo) and the radiation. The doctors in Chattanooga hoped that the tumor would shrink by 50%, but much to their was completley gone! Thanks to Prayer, Mangosteen juice and Dr Tootla I feel better than I have felt in 10 years(I am 70).
Francis Wayne Mack
Chattanooga Tennessee

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